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New Automatic Updates Technology

“I would just like to thank the Sage Pastel team for the great new features in Sage Pastel Version 12. One feature that I am particularly excited about is the Pack Sizes function available in the Sage Pastel Point of Sale module*. This will make my work so much easier,  we sell each of our products in two or three different sizes and I was never able to run a report which could give me the amount of units sold and I had to calculate the total number of units sold by hand. Can’t wait for our version 12 to arrive.” Marlise van Zyl, Accountant at Klawer Cellars.

Sage Pastel’s continued investment in research and technology provides your business with the most up to date business management software. With Version 12, you’ll always be on the latest software version provided you have an internet connection. Automatic Updates will check regularly for new updates and can be set to download them automatically – leaving your organisation to focus on the running of business. For larger multi-user sites the Automatic Updates technology can be configured to follow rules, putting the IT administrator in complete control - giving them the power to decide when to download, where to download to and when to install. With the Automatic Update mechanism in place Sage Pastel is now in a position to deliver feature rich functionality directly to your accounting program, and this can be done quickly, without you having to follow complex steps.

To learn more about Automatic Updates and how to set it up click here.

To view a short product video on Automatic Updates, click here.

New Features in Version 12

Copy an existing inventory item to create a new one – this will create a duplicate of the inventory item & leave the code blank, giving you the chance to enter a new code.

A wizard to help you manage your on hold documents – taking them off hold, or placing them on hold.

Multiple e-mail addresses for customers – giving you the flexibility to enter a recipient e-mail address to receive invoices, and a different e-mail address to receive statements.

Manage your VAT periods and reporting using the new Sage Pastel Tax Manager

Closing VAT periods is essential to ensure correct VAT reporting to SARS and VAT reconciliations. With the new Tax Manager feature, you can set up your VAT reporting periods, process your transactions as usual, and at the end of each VAT period, print your VAT reports and close the period. Back-dated transactions will automatically form part of the next VAT period.

Multiple company conversions

Gone are the days where you need to select and convert one company at a time. You can now convert multiple sets of data at once. This feature allows you to select the companies you wish to convert and it converts all of them into Sage Pastel Accounting Version 12.

Duplicate reference numbers on customer documents

With Sage Pastel Accounting Version 12 you will now be warned when using the same reference number for the same customer.
A little additional feature, but a big step towards helping you avoid processing duplicate orders.

What’s still to come?

With the Automatic Updates feature in Version 12, Sage Pastel Business Care Licence customers can look forward to receiving the features below in the near future - delivered online, directly to their accounting program.

Automatic Bank feeds
A direct feed of your bank statements from your bank & other financial institutions into Sage Pastel Bank Manager.   This saves you having to manually import your bank statements yourself. 

View a dashboard on your mobile phone or tablet and get a bird’s-eye-view of important company information. 

The following services will be offered with Netcash

    1. validate customer/supplier bank details (confirm valid branch code and account number)
    2. verify customer/supplier account holder details
    3. corporate disclosure (CIPRO/CIPC)report

Watch this space on a regular basis to keep up to date on the features that are coming your way over the coming months.

*Available as an optional add-on module for Sage Pastel Accounting Version 12.


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